Taxi Journeys And Flights Become Electrified Animations

Taxi Journeys And Flights Become Electrified Animations

Rail movements in Holland.

With advances in technology, we’re constantly able to see things as we never have before, whether they be satellite images showing us the beauty of earth from space or, like the animation below, raw data visualized into beguiling patterns.

422 South are a UK-based visual effects and animation studio who have completed a number of videos that animate the complex infrastructures underpinning our modern world. Taking data sets from taxi rides, wild animals roaming the suburbs, flights, and more, they use custom software and CGI to translate data that only a statistician could love into digital visions that show the world going about its business. They even manage to make shipping seem interesting by turning ship movements into electrified animations. By combining all this raw data with aerial photography, they create compelling stories that reveal the patterns and behaviors of the macrocosm.

Their work includes the BBC series Britain From Above, Germany From Above, and their latest project Netherlands From Above, which took over two years to research. (below)

Movement of new residents vs. old residents in Rotterdam.