The B9Creator Home Market 3D Printer Prints In High Resolution

As the year leaps and bounds from one month to the next, the likelihood of us all having 3D printers in our homes by the end of it wavers with each passing month. But, while the revolution may not be plasticized just yet, it hasn’t stopped people expanding the market with new devices.

Currently bidding for money (although it’s already reached its target) over on Kickstarter is the B9Creator, which stands out from the crowd by being able to print in high resolution so you can manufacture detailed, complex, and fragile forms.

Just take a look at that Eiffel Tower. The printer, from Michael Joyce, uses something called a Deformable Mirror Device (DMD) projector to get the detailed results, creating a layer thickness of a 100 microns (0.1 mm), which can be sliced even thinner, should you be that way inclined. It hasn’t got a price yet, but with a pledge of $2,375 you get one of the devices, so price-wise it looks like it’s aimed at the home market.

If nothing else, with more and more of these devices on the market, the prices are going to keep coming down until eventually your neighbour buys one. And then it begins. So, when’s someone going to invent a 3D printer that can 3D print a replica 3D printer?

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