The BB.Suit Turns Its Wearer Into A Mobile WiFi Spot (That Plays Music)

At any festival, whether it’s a tech conference or Coachella, the biggest issue is (arguably) finding people. But now thanks to a new, true wearable, if your friend left her phone in her other fannypack, you’ll be able to find her by the GPS wired into her clothes. Dutch textile developer Borre Akkersdijk has designed a quilted onesie called the BB.Suit, which he presented at this year’s SXSW. Though it looks like a mod oompaloompa outfit, it’s got high-tech capabilities.

Embedded with copper wires that enable WiFi, GPS, NFC, and Bluetooth, BB.Suit turns its wearer into a mappable hotspot with mp3 streaming ability. Batteries, processor boards, and UI actuators live in the BB.Suit’s pockets, making the rest of the suit feel seamless. And if it seems plush, that’s because it’s made of two layers of cotton to hide and protect the copper cables, with filling that puffs when it’s steamed.At SXSW, Akkersdijk collaborated with 22tracks to showcase the suit’s potential. Festival-goers could upload songs to the BB.Suit and then stream them via its hotspot, making the suit (according to Wired) a “walking URL.” Akkersdijk has only made two prototypes of the BB.Suit so far. Mass production is problematic given the delicate mechanics involved in the design, so Akkersdijk looks to partner with a tech company who will help him develop microprocessors that can withstand daily wear and tear.

In the meantime, Akkersdijk is building his label, ByBorre. He 3D prints complete garments using a hacked circular knitting machine, and has shown his textured designs at Paris Fashion Week. And he’s having way too much fun in his BB.Suit. With a pair of Nikes and a few high-tech bangles, this could easily be next festival season’s avant garb. 

h/t Wired