The Commuter: A Mobile Phone Movie With A Star-Studded Cast

We posted earlier in the week about a mobile phone movie made using the Nokia N8. Well, here’s another one called The Commuter made by the McHenry Brothers—who directed Nazi puppet satire Jackboots on Whitehall—commissioned by Nokia. It was shot in mobile HD over four days on the streets of London and while the narrative is more conventional compared with the earlier film—in a typical Hollywood action movie sense—it demonstrates the immense scope of possibilities of such a compact camera.

This must also be the first camera phone movie to feature such a star-studded cast: two actors, Dev Patel and Charles Dance, who starred in Oscar-winning movies Slumdog Millionaire and Gosford Park, respectively, as well as Pamela Anderson and Ed Westwick. (Good lord, what was the production budget on this thing?) Not that the film is necessarily better because it features celebrities, but it does show the potential of this new equipment, which if nothing else, is only going to make filmmaking even more accessible—providing you can afford the phone contract.