The King Of Pop As An Abstracted Series Of Points

When you woke up this morning you probably didn’t think you were going to see a video featuring triangulated points dancing to Michael Jackon’s “Billie Jean,” but that’s the internet for you. You’re welcome.

This fun animation experiment called Billie Jean Plexus is by Colin Rozee and was made using the Plexus plugin for After Effects. It’s simplicity itself but is executed brilliantly. We can honestly say we’ve never seen a more lifelike group of points shuffling about to the king of pop.

In the Vimeo comments Rozee explains a little bit more behind how he did it: “I manually keyframed 19 mask paths in AE. There’s over 20,000 keyframes in the piece, but it needed to be that detailed to achieve the fluidity of movement…” So a lot of work, but totally worth it we think. Next time maybe he can get the internet to help out with the keyframing part like Evan Roth did for his White Glove Tracking project, which also “Billy Jean.” Roth and his collaborators took it another step further and open sourced the tracking, letting others get creative with the data. We’re partial to the On Fire! version below: