The Robotarm DJ Does The Heavy Scratching For You

Designer and programmer Daito Manabe, along with his accomplice Motoi Ishibashi, have shown us a thing or two in experimental entertainment. Take for instance their face-twitching electrocution drum machine and plethora of other untraditional canvases. Is it the work of two mad scientists devising torture devices under the guise of musical instruments? Or simply an example of some of the most courageous and dynamic applications of technology in art today? You be the judge.

One of their latest projects demonstrates the potential of the Robotarm DJ using Ms. Pinky and Ableton Live. With convulsive jerks and anthropomorphic twitches, an artificial hand is positioned to scratch a record, producing arrhythmic noise of complex patterns—just like a real DJ! While the prototype, to date, displays more novelty than actual musical talent, the duo keeps us sufficiently amused, bewildered and inspired, as they seem to do with all their projects.

Manabe further demonstrates experimental beat-making using the Robotarm DJ, Ableton Live and Native Instruments MASCHINE hardware in in the video below.