This "Instrument" Turns Your Junk Into Dubstep Music

When you think about it, pretty much all modern electronic music is just a series of loops—sometimes overlapping with each other, sometimes evolving. So it’s not surprising that the new laser-powered “Instrument for the Sonification of Everyday Things” built by Dennis P. Paul, a professor at University of the Arts, Bremen, makes pretty good beats.

It works like a rotisserie, spinning pretty much any object you can get your hands on above a laser that turns the contours of the object into a waveform. A translator and controller module, written in processing, transforms the measured distance values into audible frequencies, notes, and scales. Paul calls the result “a mixture of practice, anticipation, and serendipity,” and while it sounds like it sounds like the future of music, frankly, it sounds a little bit like Deadmau5.

[via Motherboard]