With "Rewind" Installation, Time Is Literally In Your Hands

Artist Pauline Saglio's project Rewind interprets time so that the dimension has a curious physical quality. The project includes iPad-esque screens that require visitors to manually rewind each display to start an animation that depicts minutes passing.

The artist and honors student at the ECAL University of Arts and Design in Laussanne, Switzerland, calls attention to how time has become "pervasive and unconscious since the digital revolution."  We can easily open our iPhones and see some numbers, but how often do we experience the process of time in an in-depth manner? Rewind demands more attention than just a button click on a smartphone. 

Rewind ECAL/Pauline Saglio courtesy of ECAL.

Each display has its own unique rewinding mechanism, forcing users to touch the clocks, and thus be connected to time in a more intimate sense. Sure, time is one of the most abstract concepts that dictate human behavior, but Saglio's installation makes it a little more physical. Rewind's take on hours, minutes, and seconds is a refreshing chance to reconsider how we compartmentalize our days.

Tip via Booooooom