Tomás Saraceno's Massive Cloud City Graces The Met's Rooftop

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If you venture up to the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) in New York between now and this fall, you’ll come across a cluster of geometric modules that form a geodesic dome. This is Tomás Saraceno‘s Cloud City, placed at one of Central Park’s finest vantage points.

You’ll see from looking closely at each of the dome’s steel-framed, glass-windowed components that their facets are incongruent, seemingly random shapes that give the entire installation an organic feel, mirroring the natural shapes of clouds, cells, foam, and other biological forms. Patrons can climb stairs to reach different parts of Cloud City for different points of view on the surrounding cityscape, as well as the piece itself, which reflects varying vortexes of light from its surface.

Cloud City will be on display at the Met until November 4th, and only a limited number of patrons will get to experience it first hand, but this is something worth fighting your way to the front of the line for. See some images of the piece below.

[via Designboom]