Tommy Trash - "Monkey See Monkey Do" (Tommy Trash Re-Edit)

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The concept of monkeys in space is a serious enough topic to warrant its own Wikipedia entry. And indeed, monkeys travelling to space have imparted us with essential knowledge which we've applied to (human) astronauts. But the future of primate excursions into the black beyond rests on their volition: monkeys who want to go to space. To that end, director Phil Hodges, who previously honed his mastery of puppetry with the Jim Henson Company, created a premonitory music video for Tommy Trash’s “Monkey See Monkey Do.” It tells the tale of Kal the Monkey, who finds reasons beyond human interest to shoot off into space. Higher are the aspirations of this blue ape than almost any other puppet creation, and that includes his incorrigible cousin Flat Eric.


Director: Philip Hodges

Producer: Elie Deshe

Co-Producer: Debra Cohen

Executive Producer: Tommy Trash, Michael Cohen, Matt Sadie, Simon White

Cinematographer: David Acampora

Lead Puppeteer: Heiko Obermoeller

VFX Producer: Cam Leeburg

Editor: Dan Reeves 

Produced by VFD Marketing and ReKon Productions

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