Travel To A New Dimension With Céli Lee's Dream Odyssey

Alter your state of mind and forget about fastening your seatbelt. Starting with your descent down Alice’s futuristic rabbit hole, take a deep breath and let the crazy visual effects of Dream Odyssey tease your imagination.

In this animation, which leads you around various imagery from a first person point of view, you’re ejected out of a vortex into a galaxy of liquified roses, only to find your head flooding with silver as you are sucked undersea. While you’re there, why not swim through an abandoned room on the Titanic and enjoy some mystifying sounds from Demdike Stare?

It all feels incredibly surreal, as though you’re traveling through some new, as yet undiscovered dimension.

This trip is one for interpretation, however one thing’s for sure—Céli Lee’s knack for 3D animation creates an experience conceivable only in our wildest dreams.

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