Trippy Visualizations Animated By Vinyl Records

An amalgam of mutant electronic forms, mechanical and digital animation techniques, computer sequencing and analogue tape edits, the avant-garde and looney tunes.

That’s how the English duo Sculpture describe their work—as a blend of past and present, fueled by the future. Dan Hayhurst handles the sound component, using digital media devices, reel-to-reel tape recorders, an Effectron, and a Walkman, while Reuben Sutherland produces images using the Psychophonotropic, a zoetrope made with a turntable.

Similar in method to 1mpar’s Videola, the records are printed with images that are animated by the rotation of the record. Sculpture recently created a zoetrope as well, this time using a reel to reel recorder, the Reel-o-trope (below).

The A-side of Sculpture’s 2010 audiovisual LP Rotary Signal Emitter, which plays music as well as their own brand of animation.

A live performance by Sculpture.

Sculpture will perform at the PLAY Festival in Madrid tomorrow.