Tupac's Hologram Performs With Dr. Dre At Coachella

As time goes on, we feel less and less weird about having conversations with, receiving instructions from, and even cheering on holograms. Or do we? We might not have been so convinced of this technological advent when we first saw it utilized to bring us will.i.am’s political opinions on CNN back in 2008, but if Hatsune Miku can become a pop star without ever actually existing, then why should we show an illusory Tupac any less respect?

That’s right, Tupac has returned from the great beyond to perform “California Love” with Dr. Dre at Coachella this year. Hologram Nate Dogg will also be there, making this the biggest reunion of living and dead musicians since… well, perhaps this is a first. Sadly, there is no hologram Chris Tucker available to recreate the opening of the music video. Rumor has it the real Chris Tucker offered his services, but was declined.

The technology behind this display is being implemented by Musion, the same folks that fooled people in several European cities into believing that Mariah Carey performed live in front of them, when actually she was merely a play of light and sound, raising questions about whether the veteran performer ever needs to leave her home again—or really, if any of us ever need to leave our homes again.

While Tupac’s performance went off without a hitch, his hologram is required to appear in an LA county court the Monday after the show to face three posthumous charges of weapons possession.