User Preferences: Tech Q&A With Music Video Director Nic Brown

User Preferences: Tech Q&A With Music Video Director Nic Brown

Each week we chat about the tools of the trade with one outstanding creative to find out exactly how they do what they do. The questions are always the same, the answers, not so much. This week: Nic Brown of Video Marsh. Click here for more User Preferences Tech Q&As.

The Creators Project: Who are you and what do you do?
Nic Brown: I’m Nic Brown. I make music videos with a few other people, and we use the name Video Marsh.

What kind of hardware do you use?
Various cameras, including a Canon ES75. I have a tripod and some lights, but I prefer natural lighting whenever possible.

The Caretaker – “Mental caverns without Sunshine”

What kind of software do you use?
Just standard editing software.

What piece of equipment can you simply not live without?
I can live without equipment. If I lost everything I own, I’d still find a way to make videos.

Shlohmo – Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

If money were no object, how would you change your current setup?
I’d purchase a cabin on Galiano Island and set up a Video Marsh base. I don’t think I’d change my actual equipment very much, although I melted my macro lens while shooting [Shlohmo/Nicolas Jaar’s] “Rained The Whole Time,” (above) so I could use a new one.

Is there any piece of technology that inspired you to take the path you did?
Technology doesn’t really inspire me. It’s a necessary part of making videos, but I avoid thinking about it.

Slime – “First Cape”

What is your favorite piece of technology from your childhood?
A brown Fisher Price Tape Recorder. This device played a crucial role in my early years.

What fantasy piece of technology would you like to see invented?
Some sort of cloaking device. It would let me get close to dangerous creatures, and I could also sneak into secret areas where I’d film humanity at its most sinister.