Vintage Films And Animations Chopped Into Trippy Music Videos

Vintage Films And Animations Chopped Into Trippy Music Videos

Over the last 72 hours or so, YouTube user HalloHalloDuisburg (who we’re guessing is from Duisburg) has been slamming up video after video made from vintage avant-garde film footage and set to the sounds of some incredibly ill underground beats from all over the world.

He’s done treatments for Bugseed (Japan), Ta-Ku (Australia), Onra (France), Retrogott, (Germany), ELOS (LA, US), Knxwledge (Philly, US), Repeat Pattern (Japan), Kaligraph E (Australia), and several others, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

The newest one, a video for German producer Nosferatu borrows old footage of an unnamed beachside town during sunset.

His video for Bugseed’s “Echoes” uses footage from Ballet Mécanique, putting Antheil, Léger, and Dudley’s 1924 experimental film to a slick hip-hop beat. On the same tip, he blends a Knxwledge track with what we guess are bits of a Lewis Klahr film. HalloHallo also has a taste for classic cartoons, chopping up Mr. Magoo and the classic “12 & Pinball” Sesame Street animation.

Apparently, he’s on some kind of creative roll, and we’re waiting to see what old film or animation he will reference in his next video, which, based on his posting frequency, should be up in about 20 minutes (we’ve got a calculator).

In the meantime, check out some of our favorites from his channel below. See all of his videos on his YouTube page.