Watch People Get Forced To Dance Through This Swinging Pendulum Installation

Images by Victor Frankowski / Brighton Festival

Artist and choreographer William Forsythe's recent installation Nowhere and Everywhere At The Same Time No. 2 achieves what every DJ strives for relentlessly: getting everyone in one room to dance, whether they like it or not. The project, located at Circus Street market as part of the Brighton Festival in England, is described as a "choreographic object," where a former market space was equipted with hundreds of hanging pendulums, programmed to elegantly dangle and twist in choreographed sequences. Visitors are subsequently coerced to dip and pop as if they were erratically dancing to some high BPM music. 
Even if the exhibition visitors' movements aren't the most graceful, the participatory installation definitely sparked smiles on by-standers' faces. Hey, when hundreds of metal pendulums are swinging towards you, no one can be a smooth dancer. See some images and a video of Nowhere and Everywhere At The Same Time No. 2 below:

h/t My Modern Met


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