Wearable Cat Tail And Tail Hat Read Your Mind And Move To Reflect Your Mood

Would the world be a better place if you could tell someone’s mood without speaking to them? Say, like a cat who flicks its tail like a weighty pendulum because it’s getting annoyed with what you think is playful fun? This is the idea behind Shippo from Neurowear, a brain-controlled attachable tail that wags to reflect the user’s mood. Slow for relaxed and fast for concentrating.

If all this sounds a little familiar, the same company came up with those cat ears, called Necomimi, that used electroencephalography to read the wearer’s mind and either stand up or fold down depending on their mood. The tail uses similar technology.

First cats took over the internet, now they’re tying to physically turn us into them in some elaborate conspiracy orchestrated by the seemingly innocent felines of earth. If the YouTube views of 936,920 and counting are anything to go by, it looks like the brainwashing is working.

And if a tail and some cat ears wasn’t enough, they’ve just released the video below for another prototype. Called Bo-Shippo, it’s a furry Davy Crockett-style hat with a similar brain-controlled tail that wiggles about to again reflect your mood. What happened to just talking?