Where Is Your Mind? The Colorful "Mindscapes" Of Fernando Velázquez

Where Is Your Mind? The Colorful "Mindscapes" Of Fernando Velázquez

Brain activity is one of those invisible phenomenons, like gravity, that powers life as we know it ever so discreetly. You can’t tell when those synapses start firing off, but you can certainly feel the results as ideas bubble up, and things like speech and mobility happen. But did you also know that brain activity could be beautiful? Uruguayan-born, Brazilian-based artist Fernando Velázquez decided to translate this invisible life force into images, investigating what’s behind the bio-chemical phenomena occurring in the brain on a physical level. “There is another semantic layer, very complex and rhizomatic, related to the way we perceive the world, and build and trigger memory and knowledge,” he says on his website.

The result is a set of videos, prints and an interactive installation that form the Mindscapes series. “The material is generated in real-time from the generative processes programmed in specific softwares,” he explains. Mindscapes is now at the Cultural Museum of Santa Fe, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

From the Mindscapes series, Untitled #3

Velázquez has planted his roots in the fertile ground of Brazil in order to create, teach and study. In addition to pursuing a Ph.D. in Communication and Semiotics at PUC-SP, he currently teaches Digital Design and Technology for Development of Products and Services at FAAP. He has won major awards, such as the Sergio Motta Art and Technology Award in 2009 (Brazil) and Cultures (Madrid) in 2008.

Curator for the Zipper gallery in Sao Paulo, Paula Braga said that the work of the Uruguayan artist “brings to the world of art algorithms that previously wouldn’t leave the domains of computer labs."

From the Mindscapes series, Untitled #4