Yeasayer And Casey Reas Bring The Band's New Immersive Performance Environment To Central Park

When The Creators Project paired Yeasayer up with Casey Reas, we knew that the end result would be visually spectacular, but the synergy between the band’s music and Reas’ vision for their stage set up exceeded all expectations when they debuted it on Jimmy Fallon. Reas recently gave us an idea of the immersive light environment that he had in mind, informed more by art installations than by the traditional rock club stage, and in the video above we get a first look at the finished product in action. Coupled with Yeasayer’s ethereal music, the entire set comes to life. Reas describes the inspiration behind the crystalline structures of the stage set as we watch the band surrounded by projections tailor-made for their sound.

Tomorrow, Yeasayer and Casey Reas will bring this serene spectacle to New York for the first time, performing at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park as part of Summer Stage. Playing in support will be our Creators Tanlines and monome-master Daedelus, who recently gave us an exclusive look at his own performance environment, a robotic mirror sculpture called Archimedes. So attendees can expect to have their collective gaze glued to a series of mind-blowingly intense visual stage sets all night.

If you’re in the New York area, you can still grab tickets for tomorrow’s show here. A complete list of tour dates can be found right here. And whether or not you can make any of these dates, stay tuned with The Creators Project for more on this killer collaboration between light and sound.

Below see our videos with supporting acts Tanlines and Daedelus.