You Can't Escape The xx In Sonos Studio's New Installation

Woody Allen has this great comedy routine about how mechanical objects hate him. He holds a psychotherapy session with his appliances that ends with him beating up his television and being trapped in a vengeful talking elevator. Looking at Sonos Studio’s immersive new installation Missing makes me feel like Allen would probably have to skittishly sprint through it.

As part of Sonos Studio’s current “Coexist” exhibition and collaboration with The xx, the installation consists of 50 motor-controlled speakers, dimly-lit light bulbs, and wires suspended from the studio’s ceiling. As viewers walk through the exhibition, Kinect cameras sense people’s movements and turn the speakers to face them, all the while blasting The xx’s single “Missing.” Only 10 people are allowed to walk through at any given time, in order to give everyone a sufficient amount of immersion.

The exhibition was created by Kyle MacDonald, Matt Mets—the folks behind this spring’s self-portrait machine—and Aramique. Additionally, the “Coexist” exhibition will also host workshops on running an independent record label, a multimedia DJ performance by Nosaj Thing, and recently was host to a listening party for Solange and Dev Hynes’s EP True. Check out the video of the exhibit above and check out our video of Jamie xx discussing Coexist below.

“Missing’s” exhibition opening. Image via Notcot

A digital schematic of the installation.

The step-motors that rotate the speakers.

Images via Creative Applications and Sonos Studio.

[via Creative Applications]