You'll "Oooh" And "Aaah" At This Giant And Incredible Moving Wall

When an installation has a name like Hyper-Matrix, it has a lot to live up to. It conjures up images of flying through alternate realities at warp speed, but fortunately for Korean media art collective Jonpasang, their work lives up to its name.

Created for the Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition Pavilion, Korea it’s a behemoth of a work, immersing the audience in a shape-shifting wall made up of motorized cubes that warp and contort into numerous patterns. Sure, the resulting movements may remind you of those giant projection-mapping techniques we’ve all had an eye-full of lately, but these are no virtual pixels looming large over the audience, this is for real, which makes it all the more jaw-dropping.

Then, after this tantalizing foreplay, the audience is treated to a projection mapped display of fire and ice—you know, just in case the IMAX is watching and still thinks it’s the big dog in the giant screen world (step up your game, IMAX).

The making-of video below shows how they went about constructing this epic engineering undertaking.