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Andrew Huang: One-Man Special Effects Wizardry

About the Video

Director and self-professed visual effects lover Andrew Huang fuses his early passion for arts and crafts with his formal schooling in art to make whimsical music videos and short films that have charmed judges at festivals around the world.

Gravitating towards both polarity and binary, directing music videos like Björk's "Mutual Core" and his award-winning short Solipsist, Huang's style embodies that of a cyberpunk Jim Henson.


At a glance

Jim Henson gone cyberpunk.

Name: Andrew Thomas Huang
Location: Los Angeles, United States
Profession: Director, fine artist
Notables: short films Solipsist (2012), The Gloaming (2008), Doll Face (2007); music videos for Björk's "Mutual Core" (upcoming), Ra Ra Riot's "Too Dramatic" (2010), Maximum Balloon feat. Aku's "Tiger" (2010), Avi Buffalo's "What's In It For?" (2009), Delphic's "Doubt" (2009)
Awards and Achievements: Special Jury Prize at the Slamdance Film Festival 2012 for Solipsist
Pictured: Still from Solipsist, courtesy of Andrew Huang.