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Dead J: China's Electronic Music Impresario

About the Video

Chinese electronic musician Dead J is not interested in expressing normal human emotion. The former guitarist started making electronic music in 2000 and chooses to express the void, or a condition, through his sound.

Influenced by techno, industrial, and noise rock, his music celebrates the incongruity between Western influences and ancient Chinese elements.


At a glance

Expressing the void.

Name: Shao Yanpeng (Dead K, Disc J)
Location: Beijing, China
Profession: Musician, sound artist, member of hardcore project Panda Twin
Label: Modern Sky Records, Shanshui Records
Discography: Tíng Tái Lóu Gé (2011), Psychedelic Elephant (2008), Mental Magic (2006), Mental Imagery (2005)
Notables: Collaborates with well-known theater director Meng Jinghui, most recently composed the soundtrack for the play To Live