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Evan Boehm: The Making Of The Carp and The Seagull


About the Video

Filmmaker Evan Boehm delves into the making of The Carp and The Seagull, an interactive short film that follows a fisherman on his journey through a multidimensional world. The film, optimized for viewing in Chrome, brings together 3D character modelling, rigging and animation with HTML5 and WebGL THREE.js techniques.

The Carp and The Seagull was produced by Nexus Interactive Arts in association with The Creators Project.


At a glance

Interactive storyteller.

Name: Evan Boehm
Location: London, United Kingdom
Profession: Motion/Code/Installation Director
Notable works: interactive film The Carp and the Seagull (2012); interactive installation Project Runway (2012); art direction for Call of Duty video game series; music video for Two Inch Punch's "Up In Your Mix" (2011) and Darkstar's "Gold" (2010); client work for brands including Coca-Cola, Virgin Atlantic, and Sony Computer Entertainment
Connect: Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo