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Feng Mengbo

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Political pop artist.

Name: Feng Mengbo
Location: Beijing, China
Profession: Interactive multimedia artist; game designer
Notable works: Exhibition “Mengbo 2012” at Today Art Museum, Beijing; Bruce Lee VJ Project (2011); Mortal Combat (2011); Long March: Restart (2009); Quake series (2009); Q2008 (2008); Ah_Q (2004); Q4U (2002); My Private Album (1996); Taking Mount Doom by Strategy (1997); Streetfighter IV (1995); Game Over: Long March (1994)
Awards and achievements: Ah_Q is a dancing-pad version of Q4U won the Award of Distinction of Interactive Art at Prix Ars Electronica (2004)
Feng Mengbo uses: Matrox Retro Graphics Card, Multimedia Fusion, Roland TB-303 and TR-606, Xbase-09, Sid Station