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GayBird: Experimental Music Mastermind With An Arsenal Of Custom Instruments

About the Video

Chinese musician Leung Kei-chuek, aka GayBird, has made it his mission to reinvent the musical world we live in. Like a chemist at work, he mixes and experiments with a fresh assortment of sounds, tools, and visuals in his musical laboratory.

In our behind-the-scenes video, GayBird shows off his sharp sound, stellar synth collection, and the custom instrument he built for his latest new media experiment and album Digital Hug.


At a glance

Interface synthesizer.

Alias: Leung Kei-chuek
Location: Hong Kong, China
Profession: Composer, musician, producer, inventor, performer, new media artist
Discography: Digital Hug (2011), Made by GayBird (2002); With Multiplex Snow in June (1995)
Notables: Best Electronic Music Artist at the Chinese Music Media Awards 2012; HKDA 2011 Bronze Award for new media experiment/performance Digital Hug (2011); The Grid of Elasticity (2010); Member of PMPS Music
Connect: Facebook; Weibo