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About the Video

The lead singer of Bloc Party discusses his solo album The Boxer, explaining how he's spent a few years learning to program and then brought these skills to bear on the more electronically-focused album.

He also talks about his sonic experiments with frequencies, his loop station, and his DJing experience and how this influenced the way he wants to make music. Along with how 2-step garage and 90s house music have informed his musical style.

Check out the track "Tenderoni" below.



At a glance

The heir to England's indie-music throne.

Alias: Kele Okereke
Location: London, England
Profession: Musician
Label: Wichita
Discography: The Hunter EP (2011), The Boxer (2010); With Bloc Party: Intimacy (2008), A Weekend in the City (2007), Silent Alarm (2005)
Related acts: Collaborated with Hercules &Love Affair, The Chemical Brothers, Martin Solveig
Kele uses: Moog Voyager, Sunburst Telecaster, Prophet 08, TC Helicon Synth voice pedal, Sugarbytes Effectrix, Rhodes piano, Linn Drum, Micro Korg, Universal Audio 1176, Memory man deluxe, Logic 9