Kill Screen Episode 6: Gears of War: Judgment

Kill Screen founder Jamin Warren takes us on an exploration of the fascinating new games that are pushing the industry towards a future that only science-fiction writers could have predicted.

In episode six (above) we speak to the writers behind Gears of War: Judgement, who were brought in from the very beginning to work alongside the developers to build the story and create the interactive narrative.

In episode one, we visit the Frankfurt-based video game company, Crytek, where developers of Crysis 3 are attempting to break the boundary between gaming and cinema, blending the two mediums into what Warren calls, “the new cinema.”

In episode two, we delve into the development of Harmonix’s Dance Central franchise—by the mad geniuses whoseRock Band series redefined what a rhythm game could be.

Episode three gives you a look under the hood at Turn 10 Studios’ Forza Horizon, where a deep passion for cars and a healthy obsession with video game design yields the most realistic driving and racing experiences ever.

In episode four, The World of Far Cry 3, we look at the open world environment of Far Cry 3 where the action is set on a Pacific island riddled with pirates, savage animals, and the many distractions a tropical paradise has to offer.

In Episode five Warren heads to California to speak to the team at Visceral Games, the team behind the creepily-realistic audio for Dead Space 3.

Episode six gives us an in depth look at writing the story for Gears of War Judgment.

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