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Mass Studies


About the Video

For Korean architecture firm Mass Studies, the future is their present. We went to their offices in Seoul and spoke to the company's founder Minsuk Cho who explained how their ultimate goal is to shape a community through space.

See the vast scope of their work, informed by both pre and post-urbanized Korea and find out what architectural finish is Mass Studies' favorite... it's not as literal as you may think.


At a glance

Space sculptors.

Members: Minsuk Cho, Kisu Park, Joungwon Lee, Zongxoo U
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Profession: Architects
Notable works: Seoul Commune 2026 (2011); Daum Space. 1 (2011), Boutique Monaco-Missing Matrix (2008), Koren Pavilion (2008), Air Forest (2008), Ring Dome New York (2007), Pixel House (2001)
Awards and Achievements: Presidential Citation, Korea. Korean Pavilion (2010); Silver Medal, World Expo 2012 Shanghai: Pavilion Design (2010); Best 7, Korean Institute of Architects, Korea: S-Trenue (2010); KIA Architecture Award of Seoul City 2009, Seoul, Korea: Boutique Monaco
Pictured: Korean Pavilion. Photo by Yong-Kwan Kim