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Minha Yang: Creating Algorithmic Beauty

About the Video

Minha Yang harnesses simple algorithms to push the limitations of the media arts genre, while challenging other artists in his sphere.

He believes that media art has the potential to change societal norms, and experiments with this ideal in works like Meditation 1208~, which we've previously shown at our global events. Find out how he's bringing media art into a winder cultural context in our behind-the-scenes profile.


At a glance

Algorithmic beauty.

Name: Minha Yang
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Profession: New media artist, motion graphics designer, programmer, assistant professor in the Graduate School of Design at the University of Seoul
Notable Works: Meditatio1208~ (2011); Garden (2010); Ordinary Conversation about Visual Illusion Created by Algorithms (2009)
Connect: Vimeo; Facebook
Photo by Bryan Derballa.