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Raquel Kogan: Art That Looks Back At You

About the Video

Brazilian digital artist Raquel Kogan thinks technology has given mankind new heads, new hands, and new feet. As a former architect, Kogan uses these "new" body parts as her building blocks, borrowing audience's movements, weight, and images in her works.

In our behind-the-scenes video, we examine Kogan’s latest installation o.lhar (The Look), which weaves recordings of the viewers’ eyes into a digital quilt that stares back at the viewer.


At a glance

Personifying digital media.

Name: Raquel Kogan
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Profession: Painter, digital artist, architect
Notable works: o.lhar (2012), XYZ (2011), Ponte (2008), Reler (2008), Reflexão #1 (2003)
Connect: Vimeo
Pictured: o.lhar at The Creators Project: São Paulo 2012. Photo by: Caiuá Franco.