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Scott Snibbe

About the Video

As the child of sculptors, interactive artist Scott Snibbe knew he wanted to work in haptic technology from a young age. As an installation artist and app developer, who's worked on projects for major players like James Cameron and Björk, Snibbe continues to prove that the screen can be truly limitless.

Find out why he thinks art helps explain the meaning of reality in our behind-the-scenes documentary.


At a glance

Haptic interactivist.

Name: Scott Snibbe
Location: San Francisco, United States
Profession: Interactive media artist, filmmaker, entrepreneur, app developer
Notables: Gossamer App for Passion Pit (2012); Biophilia apps for Björk (2011); Social Table Touch for James Cameron’s exhibition “Avatar” (2011); Gravilux (2011); Bubble Harpapp (2010); Antograph (2010); Transit (2009), Blow Up (2005), Boundary Functions (1998), Motion Phone (1995), Brothers (1990)
Connect: Facebook; Twitter; YouTube; App store