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About the Video

Semiconductor are a visual art duo who don't see art and science as two different disciplines on either side of the creative coin. Instead, like a long line of artists before them, epitomized in the figure of the original Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci, they see the two practices as sharing many similar ideas. So their work explores natural phenomena, the idea of a world in constant fluctuation, and gives form to the seemingly invisible--the technical and the molecular--while marrying sound and image to create fascinating experimental films.

They've been an influential force in visual art, and their films sit in a sci-artistic wonderland somewhere between animation and documentary, utilizing scientific equipment and data to create their art, showing how one can inform the other and vice versa.


At a glance

Revealing the natural world in flux.

Names: Joe Gerhardt and Ruth Jarman
Location: Brighton, United Kingdom
Profession: Filmmakers, animators, artists
Notable works: 20Hz (2011); World in the Making (2011); Heliocentric (2010); Matter in Motion (2008); Black Rain (2008), Magnetic Movie (2007), “Worlds In Flux” DVD (2007); Brilliant Noise (2006); 200 Nanowebbers (2005); “Hi-Fi Rise” DVD (2001)
Selected awards and achievements: San Francisco International Film Festival “'Golden Gate Award for New Visions” (2012); Ann Arbor Film Festival “Art and Science Award” (2012); Prix Ars Electronica “Honorary Mention” (2011); Smithsonian Artists Research Fellowship (2010); Gulbenkian Galapagos Artist Fellowship (2010); for Magnetic Movie: Imagine Science Film Festival “Nature Scientific Merit award” (2009), British Animation Awards “Best Film at the Cutting Edge” (2008); for Brilliant Noise: Leeds International Film Festival “Special Mention Best International Experimental Short” (2008), Seoul Experimental Film & Video Festival “Best Video” (2007)
Connect: Vimeo; Myspace