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Super Nature: Mind-Blowing Light Installations

About the Video

Shanghai's Super Nature turn the experiments of Newton and Pascal into beautiful installations that play with refraction, audiovisuals, and audience interaction.

They talk us through their latest solo exhibition and why their pieces work to settle the "conflict" between city life and Mother Nature.


At a glance

Mother Nature's mediator.

Names: Billy Wen Hao, Lin Yew, and Yeoh Guan Hong
Location: Shanghai, China
Profession: Installation artists, photographers, videographers
Notable works: Lost in Pascal's Triangle (2012), Spin 2012, Flora (2012), PRISMA1666 (2011), Weaving Forest (2011); commercial work for Nike, Toshiba, Converse, and FedEx
Selected awards and achievements: Shanghai International Science and Art Awards: 2012, 2011, 2009
Connect: Vimeo
Pictured: PRISMA1666, 2011.