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Electroluminescent Fashion: The Making of Alpha Lyrae by Vega Zaishi Wang


About the Video


Launch Alpha Lyrae

Named after one of the brightest starts in the solar system, Beijing-based fashion designer Vega Wang has always wanted to design a collection inspired by the universe. Her Alpha Lyrae experiential fashion line premiered in September at The Creators Project: Beijing 2012 in collaboration with musician Zhang Shouwang and UFO Media Lab, who designed a projection-mapped environment for the electroluminescent, animated dresses.


The collection now exists as an interactive experience in our Digital Gallery, where you can watch making-of videos, view mood boards, read more about the collaboration, and most notably, watch each animated dress come to life.


At a glance

Beijing's high-tech seamstress.

Name: Vega Wang
Location: Beijing, China
Profession: Founder and designer of Vega Zaishi Wang
Notable collections: Alpha Lyrae (2012); Into the Deep (2008)
Photo by Zhuang Yan.