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Arcade Fire and Chris Milk


About the Video

During Arcade Fire's last song "Wake Up," cascades of beachballs were released into the crowd. With the help of ESKI and Moment Factory, Milk was able to control the LEDs and IR transmitters, embedded in each ball (provided by Tangible Interaction), to light paint kaleidoscopic patterns all over the unsuspecting audience.

Two weeks before Coachella, we sat down with Chris Milk (and his dog) who told us how he conceptualized the installation based upon his affinity for using new technology to tell stories. The crew worked day and night to work out all the logistics for the large-scale interactive performance—from calculating the size of the crowd and avoiding potential injuries, to dealing with last minute technical tweaks. Find out exactly how the concert became a gallery space in our behind-the-scenes Coachella documentary. Their interactive visual performance, entitled Summer Into Dust continues online. Those lucky few who managed to catch one of the LED beachballs can log on to the accompanying website where we’ll frequently be posting info on new ways to keep updating your ball. To share your photos, videos, and stories about your individual experience with your ball, go here.


At a glance

Summer Into Dust: Arcade Fire + Chris Milk For the encore of their Coachella set, Arcade Fire partnered with legendary director Chris Milk (who they previously collaborated with on The Wilderness Downtown,) to visually portray the collective emotional experience of the band's performance.