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Zach Lieberman: Physical And Digital Tools Converge

About the Video

Artist Zach Lieberman is one of the key masterminds behind YesYesNo, and an essential figure in the community of artists working at the forefront of media and technology. As one of the founders of openFrameworks, a C++ coding toolkit and global creative community, Lieberman is considered something of a sensei when it comes to media art.

He makes projects that continually locate the human in technology, focusing on gesture and storytelling and bringing elements of play, performance, and magic (in fact, he's even worked with a magician) to today's most cutting-edge tech tools.


At a glance

Democratizing art through software.

Name: Zach Lieberman
Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Profession: Computer programer, electronic artist, installation artist, designer, hacker
Notable works: Artwork: Night Lights (2010), iQ Font (2009), EyeWriter (2009), Reface (2007); Co-creator of openFrameworks, an open-source coding toolkit developed in collaboration with Theo Watson and Arturo Castro; Nike + Paint with Your Feet, an interactive painting workshop for runners, created in collaboration with Emily Gobeille, Theo Watson, and Nike; Co-founder of interactive collective, YesYesNo; Co-developer of Rhonda, a 3D drawing tool originally created by Amit Pitaru
Connect: Twitter, Vimeo, Flickr