Acid Washed Live In Paris

Our three-day takeover of La Gaîté lyrique in Paris last month saw the newly opened digital arts center brought to life with our own particular blend of musical acts, art installations, film screenings and panels. As excited as we were to catch the performances of electro scene mainstays like Squarepusher and Yuksek, we were pleasantly surprised to count the energetic set delivered by Acid Washed as one of our favorites of the weekend.

A relative newcomer to the French music scene, Acid Washed is a collaborative music project that is primarily driven by the DJs Richard D'Alpert and Andrew Claristidge. Their cosmic-inspired sound fuses elements of French house with the disco flourishes of DFA bands, drawing heavily from the Chicago and Detroit scenes but settling on a sound that is undeniably their own. Though their debut full-length reads as a revolving door of friends, collaborators and contributors, we sat down with the primary four members after they played our Paris event to discuss their musical process, the superiority of early shows, and why, despite their rock band tendencies, the musical group is not a band--at least, not in the traditional sense.