Scoring Beasts of the Southern Wild

Ben Zeitlin and co-composer Dan Romer discuss the score and Romer’s “scientific ability” to match sound to what Zeitlin showed him onscreen.

Benh Zeiltin and his small film crew, Court 13, believe in making films that take them on terrific adventures and push them to life's limits. For their critically-acclaimed, breakout feature Beasts of the Southern Wild, the team set up production in an abandoned convenience store in Montegut, Louisiana with the hope to make film that celebrates a place where people refuse to leave their homes—no matter how dire the situation is.

Special Effects Unit Director Ray Tintori talks us through the film's visual effects, and how they had to navigate shots around the tragic Louisiana oil spill. Find out how Zeiltin's blown up truck became a prop, and how "as a community you can challenge some pretty fierce odds" in our behind-the-scenes documentary.