The Creators Project: Hi. What are you up to these days?

Brodinski: Loads of stuff. I’m working on a bunch of big projects now. I’m hungover from all the parties!

You’re only 22 years old and getting well-earned attention. How does it feel?

The internet is the single biggest reason for my success. It really is an amazing tool for communicating with people across borders and sharing music. It’s hard for me to fully fathom my career today, but I feel positive about it, and I appreciate every moment.

What’s your secret for getting the crowd going?

Well, if I told you it wouldn’t be a secret. Seriously, though, I think experience is the best way to learn the tricks of any trade. After the last two years of DJing everywhere in the world, I can anticipate what people expect from me in the moment.

Can you speak a bit about your artistic process? How did you go about producing your first tracks?

I produced with my friend Yuksek in Reims. He’s a really good friend of mine, and an amazing producer. In fact, I’m continuing to work with him at the moment, and we just wrapped a new track.

You’ve said you don’t like spending time in the studio. Why?

It’s boring. I hate to be alone in the studio because I don’t really know how to produce by myself, and I don’t have an audience to play off of, so I need somebody helping me every time. Yuksek is the best for that!

What kind of technology is the most important in your work? Has it changed since you began DJing a few years ago?

CDJ2000s are the best thing for work. Every club has them, so I can find them and work with them at any time.

You’re a prolific remixer. How do you approach each remix?

It’s really different each time because I’m inspired by something different each time. Recently I did a remix for Crookers and it’s not techno at all. Sometimes people who ask me are disappointed because I give them something they don’t expect. But I also enter the process not knowing what to expect.

You’ve made some of your greatest tracks with other musicians. What is it about collaboration that appeals to you?

I love to collaborate because it’s simple and really interesting. With the internet, I just send over some samples and we construct the track together. It was like that for the track with Mumdance, and the one with Noob. And I will do a lot more like that this year. It’s always exciting to work with somebody new.

What is the blog house movement? Three years ago, young guys like me were producing stuff especially for the internet, and finding a label was not a priority. After that, blog house became the name for all strange house music that fell anywhere on the spectrum between mainstream and badly produced. Now, blog house envelopes everything, and it’s not a term I use anymore. I don’t really know if it still exists in the same way.

Why are blogs so important to you?

Because they have everything! You can find what you want, when you want it, because of blogs. I have a list of a hundred blogs I consult every day! I think it’s the future of the press.

I’ve heard that you’re a real computer/internet addict. Is this true?

Yes, it’s unfortunately true. It’s awful. I really don’t know what I could do without the internet… NOTHING!

What is a fantasy you have for new technology?

Something that would allow travel everywhere in the world while staying at home. Like a time-door or something like that.