As two young visual directors, this ingenious duo uniquely illustrates some of the best underground and pop music culture in Korea, including exceptional artists like Clazziquai Project and soon-to-be Creators Risque Rhythm Machine. Making music videos and other 3D graphic/illustration/animation projects alike, Digital Pedicure are visual translators of Seoul's youth culture.

The Creators Project: How about a few words to introduce yourselves?

Digital Pedicure: We are Digital Pedicure AKA Digipedi for short. Based in Seoul, we are a two-person team making music videos, illustrations, and other visual media. Between the two of us, 1MoreTime and Oroshi, we don't really take on specific roles. You could just consider us as one working entity that splits all investments and interests 50/50.

Despite Digipedi's relatively short career, you guys have been pretty successful. What would you consider gave your first break?

It would have to be the music video we did for Dynamic Duo's track "Complex." It basically started our career and also heavily exposed our illustration style. Because of the title of the song, we wanted to go for a complicated concept with a rough feel to the imagery and kind of a hectic bombardment of visual stimulation. A year after the releasing the video, we were invited to Berlin's International Short Film (interFilm) Festival. That was pretty unexpected and a very cool experience.

As for your recent works, what's your latest video?

We just finished W & Whale's "Break It Down" video. Compared to our first music video, "Complex," the budget was pretty low. The machinery shots are like a themed homage to "Ghost in a Shell." All the props like the pipes, tubes, etc. are actually drainage equipment for sinks that we bought and rendered. Our favorite scene is probably the one when the stuffed teddy bear's insides are being torn out. It's strangely silly but grotesque at the same time. When we were in production, we tried to consider the broadcasting regulations as closely as possible, but in the end, the video was still banned from airing.

What directors or music videos do you feel have influenced you and your work the most?

The directors and videos we've been inspired by are infinite. But still, if we had to name one director, it would be Michel Gondry. Especially considering Cibo Matto's "Sugar Water" and Massive Attack's "Protection." Those are some of our most favorite videos. From watching "Sugar Water," we felt the importance of composition and so that's why we stress the most about it in our own productions. If you look at our works, we think there's an evident pinch of Gondry's influence.