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Drunken Tiger

At a glance

Feel 'gHood' Korean hip-hop.

Alias: Seo Jung-kwon a.k.a. Tiger JK
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Profession: Musician
Discography: Enter the Tiger (1995); Year of the Tiger (1999); The Great Rebirth (2000); The Legend Of... (2001); Foundation (2003); One Is Not A Lonely Word (2004); 1945 Liberation (2005); Sky Is The Limit (2007); Feel gHood Muzik: The 8th Wonder (2009)
Awards and achievements: MAMA Best “Male Artist of the Year” (2009); Golden Disk “Best Disc of the Year”(2009); Korean Music Awards “Best Hip-Hop Song of the Year – Artist” and “Best R&B/Soul Record of the Year – Producer” (2008); MNET/KM Music Video Festival “Best Lyrics Award” (2007); 2007 MTV Kountdown “#1 Korean Hip-Hop Artist of All-Time” (2007); Golden Disc Awards “Best Music Video” (2005); MNET Music Video Festival “Music Video Of The Year” (2005); Golden Disc Awards ‘Best Hip-Hop Song’ (2003); Seoul Music Awards “Best Hip-Hop Artist” (2001 and 2003), MNET Music Video Festival “Best Hip-Hop Video” (2001)
Notable collaborators: Dj Jhig, Xrae, DJ James, Mongo Fresh, Micki Eyes, Kevin Gunheehan, David Kempo Han, Roscoe Umali, Tasha Reid, DJ Shine and Lumpens