When you watch live electronic music, the experience wouldn't feel complete without the accompanying visuals. And it's thanks to designers like Berlin-based Pfadfinderei that such a symbiotic relationship has developed. For the last ten years the group has been exploring vector-based art and design--first in print, then in motion graphics, then in the VJ scene that emerged from the Berlin club scene of the early 2000s. They now "organize music through images" by planning, creating, and performing large-scale visual installations including full-scale stage shows, using visual mapping technology to create abstract visuals with an emotional impact.

Featuring a range of different disciplines within their group, from typography to art direction to strategic visual planning and design production, they also produce music videos, like their series for electronic musician Moderat. In contrast to their geometric, modernistic, colorful visuals, the cinematic music videos explore materiality, celebrating the tactile and the physical. Deriving their name from the term for "pathfinders/scouts," they're conductors of the visual realm, exploring and visualizing paths, draping the musician in accompanying images to expand upon the live experience, while providing the audience with multimedia art that they can bug out to. Photo by Andreas Mühe.