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Sticky Monster Lab

About the Video

Creative design studio Sticky Monster Lab makes 2D and 3D monsters with playfully morbid personalities. Founded in 2007 by a group of friends who share an extraordinarily strange imagination, the lab embraces a concept of total character production, creating each of their monsters through an extensive process of illustration, animation, graphic design, motion graphics and product design.

At a glance, these beady-eyed, expressionless figurines seem wholesomely harmless. But the animations they inhabit tell a different tale. Strutting down the street in the pastel-colored world, they become imbued with a surprisingly dark and acerbic humor with a talent for violence. Coming in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, each monster has his own unique “happy handicap,” if you will, which the Lab highlights as a merit of individuality. Encompassing the motto “less is more,” Sticky Monster Lab models their characters with simplistic clarity in order to lightheartedly imbue complex messages. Executing their seriously silly narratives with an inimitable style and ineffably frank flair, Sticky Monster Lab takes figurative design to the next level.


At a glance

Crafts painfully cute figurines with sadistic personalities.

Aliases: Boo, Fla, and Nana
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Profession: Creative design studio, animators, monster makers
Notables: Founders of Lab X Bean Pole; The Loner animation and compilation album (2011); “Figure Unboxing” series (2011)
Connect: Facebook, Vimeo