Battles: "My Machines" by Daniels

As a follow-up to their 2007 debut album Mirrored, New York-based experimental rockers Battles released their sophomore album Gloss Drop this past June. The album features some indie rock royalty special guests including Japanese musicians Kazu Makino (of Blonde Redhead) and Yamantaka Eye (of Boredoms), along with British electronic composer and singer Gary Numan—who sings vocals and appears in the music video for "My Machines."

Produced by The Studio in collaboration with Warp Records, we paired Battles with directoral duo Daniels, who are known for dreaming up some wild music videos for bands like Chromeo and Manchester Orchestra, as well as a slew of short and endearing films that manage to warp reality just enough to catch you slightly off guard. For the bands's fourth video ever, Daniels used a Milo Motion Control rig to film the video, saying "so long to 5D," and also told us why they made a stuntmen fall down an escalator for four minutes—perhaps in an effort to one-up OK Go's famous treadmill video? We hung out with Battles on set and realized how their casual presence helped balance out the CGI slickness of the video.