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Daniel Ganjaman: Changing The Tone Of Brazilian Rap

About the Video

By introducing instrumentals to the Brazilian rap scene, producer Daniel Ganjaman has reformed a genre previously dominated by samples and beats.

He levels the playing field by infusing classic instrumentation with high-tech production, ultimately changing the tone of the Brazilian rap scene as we know it.


At a glance

From punk to Pro Tools.

Name: Daniel SanchesTakara
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Profession: Musician, arranger, producer, sound engineer, and DJ
Selected discography: Nó na Orelha—Criolo (2011); Homem Inimigo do Homem—Ratos de Porão (2006); Nação Zumbi—Nação Zumbi (2002); Nada como um Dia após o Outro Dia—Racionais MC's (2002); A Invasão do Sagaz Homem Fumaça—Planet Hemp (2000); Rap É Compromisso!—Sabotage (2000)
Notables: Co-founder of Collective Institute; host of Collective Seleta parties
Photo by Rafael Jacinto.