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Electronic Shadow

About the Video




At a glance

Drafting digital blueprints for the future.

Names: Naziha Mestaoui and Yacine Ait Kaci
Location: Paris, France
Profession: Architects, designers, scenographers
Notable works: Time Drop (2011); e-Window (2010); Vibration at Nuit Electro (2010); Water For All (2010); Superfluidity (2009-2010); <> futurinô (2010-2008); exhibition “Archipel” (2008); 3minutes² (2004)
Awards and achievements: Luxury and Creation Center “Innovation Talent 2011”; Trophy LAVAL Virtual “Architecture, Art et Culture” (2004 & 2005); Japan Media Art Festival “Recommanded Work “ (2004 & 2005); Ars Electronica “Honorary Mention Interactive Art” (2004); Japanese Media Arts Festival “Grand Prize in the Art section“(2004)
Electronic Shadow uses: Es Imagispaces, Virtools, Adobe Creative Suite, Isadora, Unity, Visual Studio, Easyphp, Sketchup
Photo of 3minutes² courtesy of Electronic Shadow.