Hasisi Park

The Creators Project: You go by the name Hasisi Park, but that’s an acquired name, right? When did you start going by that name?

Hasisi Park: My Korean name is Park Won Ji, and Hasisi is a type of marijuana plant. When I was 17, I dropped out of high school and traveled alone to India. When I told people that my name was Park Won Ji, they couldn’t pronounce it. So when I was a bit tipsy, I just told them to call me Hasisi. It’s embarrassing when I think about it now, but I still go by that nickname.

How did you begin your career in photography?

My father was a photographer, and ever since I was young he would use me as a model. Standing in front or behind a camera was a very familiar experience for me. And since I used to work with visual media, I always carried around a camera. Then I met my ex-boyfriend was who a very avid photo enthusiast and photographer, so that inspired me as well.

You majored in film and later quit school to focus on photography, yet you still do a fair amount of video work. What’s the difference between still photography and video?

I don’t think they are necessarily two separate things. The reason I quit my studies in London is because I didn’t like the commercial aspect of my film studies, not the format itself.

What movies have influenced you especially?

I get that question a lot, so I tend to have my top five in my head all the time. I like Wes Anderson. I get inspired from his movies’ production and composition of color, music, and tone. And in the case of Godard, I am influenced by everything.

What kind of a photographer do you want to be in the future?

I think that’s an important question. I always think about that and get stressed about it. But in the end I think I just want to do what I enjoy and still be financially stable with it. I think as long as I don’t have to drop my title as a photographer it will be good. Also I don’t think being a poor photographer would suit me because I feel like I need to do well, and I care that people like my work.