Jonathan Glazer And J. Spaceman

As part of our creative partnership with Coachella, we commissioned several artistic collaborations between some of today's foremost musical and creative talents.

Their task was to conceive of new audiovisual experiences to enhance and re-imagine musical performance, creating new ways of interacting with and enjoying the musical art form. In addition to working with bands like Interpol for the project, we've teamed up with J. Spaceman of beloved UK-based "space rock" band Spiritualized and UK filmmaker Jonathan Glazer on a major new interactive installation that was unveiled on the Coachella festival grounds. The duo created a physical manifestation of the Spiritualized track "Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space," produced by Juliette Larthe with creative and technical support from One of Us. In a cathedral-like space, designed by Undisclosable, isolated pools of light appeared, each containing a different component of the original track. Watch Part 2 of our documentary on Glazer and Spiritualized's creative process above, and Part 1 below.