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Kong Lingnan


About the Video

In a quest to explore the modern human sentiment and connect the environment with society, Kong Lingnan paints lonely but beautiful scenes with glowing, neon lines.

We visit her Beijing studio where she takes us through her process, which begins with searching for inspiration online before sketching and actualization. Find out more about the Taoist philosophy that guides her brush in our behind-the-scenes video.


At a glance

Illuminating existential philosophies with hand-painted neon.

Name: Kong Lingnan
Location: Beijing, China
Profession: Visual artist, painter
Website: Gallery Yang
Notables: As We Wander, We See The Flicking Flame In The Wasteland (2012); “Miao-ku-yiMountain” series (2012); “O Brambles, O Brambles” series (2012); "Write in Water" solo exhibition at Gallery Yang (2012), "Only Her Body" solo exhibition at UCCA (2011)